Practical philosophy, economics with justice

April 9th, 2014

I first took an active interest in practical philosophy in the early 1970s, when I enrolled for the introductory course at the School of Economic Science. In those days the School met at 11 Suffolk Street, just off the Haymarket. Today we can read about philosophy, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and all kinds of approaches to self-development on paper, online, and find information on every corner. It was relatively novel in those days.

The School is still going strong, I’m still there and still enjoying a life enriched by philosophy in its many aspects. We’ve moved on from Suffolk Street to another “Number 11”, in Mandeville Place, off Oxford Street – formerly the home of Trinity College of Music. And on 28 April 2014 the introductory course in Practical Philosophy will welcome another cohort of students.

What am I? What is knowledge? Philosophy means “love of wisdom” – so what is wisdom? Is my life guided by wisdom, or by a succession of random ideas and desires? The introductory course explores these and similar questions – not from an academic standpoint, or to help us pass an exam, but in ways that can be put into practice in daily life. Hence the title of the course – Practical Philosophy.

At the first session, students are given an exercise in mindful awareness, to practise daily. This helps to clear the mind of random agitation, and is a good foundation for the course as it develops.

Find out more about the School by visiting its website, or give me a call if you want to chat.

Enrolment fee for the course is £95 for the first term. I have a voucher which admits one student free of charge for the summer term of 2014, either for Practical Philosophy or for Economics with Justice. First come, first served: email me at – giving your name and postal address, and the voucher will be sent by return.

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