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We should be more sparing in our use of capitals

November 29th, 2023, No Comments

Hamas and Israel Open to Extension of Truce Hamas releases third group of hostages as US expresses hope of truce extension Two headlines, selling two reports of essentially the same story – the first from The New York Times, the second from The Guardian, both on Monday 27th November 2023. I quote them here, not to question how each of […]

Don’t let your spelling make you look silly 

January 27th, 2023, No Comments

  Are spelling and punctuation your blind spot? Unsure whether you mean “licence” or “license”? Are you looking for a sale’s manager or a sales manager?  Every time you post on social media, or write a letter, or send out a flier or a newsletter, you’re presenting yourself and your organisation to the world. That’s […]

Proof of the pudidng

May 17th, 2012, No Comments

OK, you’ve written your newsletter, or your annual report, and you’re ready to upload it to your web site, or email it out to potential customers, or journalists who you hope will give your business some publicity. Hang on a sec… Has it been proof-read? No, don’t give me that old-fashioned look! I asked you, […]

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