Feature research and writing is the main tool in David Goymour’s journalistic toolbox. I can interview and profile individuals, whether they are board-level directors, middle managers or rank and file employees.

Give me a brief on a business topic, whether it’s a focus on an individual or exploration of a theme, and you will receive a thoroughly researched, well written article.

Talk to me about

• Newsletters (print or online)

• Text for your web site

• Press releases

• Business case studies

• Proofreading

Examples of recent assignments

Elite Renewables opens in Croydon, April 2023

• Chief executive Martyn Fowler invited Words for Business to prepare press release and backgrounder for the opening of new office and showroom to showcase renewables.

Retrain Your Brain – Karen Francis, coach

• Started working with Karen on new material for her blog, November 2012

‘Black Book for the Hospitality Industry’ – Henley Centre, spring 2012:

• Corporate hospitality – how catering companies have held on to business in the recession

Wedding brochure for the West Wing at Ickworth

Sodexo Prestige invited me to breathe some new life into the content of its brochure for this beautiful National Trust property.

The Rhoda Wilson Show

Rhoda interviews inspiring people – especially people whose lives have taken a change in direction – for her television series. For the latest season, recorded in September 2011, Rhoda commissioned me to do background research and script some suggested questions.

‘Black Book for the Hospitality Industry’ – Henley Centre, spring 2011 – two articles:

• Sustainability – how green is our hospitality industry?

• Purchasing – can independents compete with national chains?

Calver Groom – mission statement and profiles of key personnel, to appear on web site of independent financial adviser

Ingrid Weel – freelance photographer’s sponsored parachute jump for a charity supporting young people with housing needs: Words for Business issued a press release

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